Thursday, February 28, 2013

Continued Hodgepodge of February Days

I should say that it's great when I upload my photos from my Iphone to my computer because it stores the information of when my pictures were actually taken. It makes things easy when I'm ready to share them on my blog. The most important part is that I'm keeping up with my "picture a day" resolution. :)

February 11th, 2013:

My first Monday morning with my babies back makes it tough to get out of bed when they're still snuggly-warm in the sheets.

Since this was my first day back at work since they had been home, I stopped by at lunch to give them some lovin'.
This day would also be the day that Jamie and I got the rest of our concealed weapons permit packets together. My picture is really lame because Jamie told me not to smile for it. The Walgreen's employee was making jokes as he took the photo like "c'mon, act like you've got a gun in your bag right now".

After putting it in the mail, I met up Jamie and some of our friends at Chili's. Megan and Josh were moving in the next few days, so we wanted to enjoy another dinner with them before they went. I'm so mad at myself that I didn't get a picture of the group there, but of course I got a picture of the drinks I had. They have this trio of margaritas that was actually pretty tasty.
With a little buzz, Jamie and I went over to Lowe's to look around. Lowe's is secretly one of my favorite stores, but I never shop in it because I don't own a home. My future-husband better watch out the day that happens because I could easily break the bank in there. While at Lowe's, they had the most beautiful garden sections, including these unique blue orchids.

One of Jamie's daughters, Kailey, wanted him to stop by after work because she had a surprise for him. Turns out that she made him some candy roses for Valentine's Day in school. She even gave him one to give me. I thought it was really sweet, so I made him take a photo. :)

February 12th, 2013:

Photo for the day: Penny. She seriously is so hard to leave in the morning!
Traffic is always crazy if you leave at the wrong time in the morning... the time when all the parents are driving their kids to school and backing up all the lanes. Do kids not ride the bus anymore?
This lovely semi decided to go through a yellow light and take up the entire cycle of our green light:

February 13th, 2013:

This was the day Megan and Josh officially started their drive to Ohio. Unfortunately I missed Megan when she stopped by work to say good-bye to everyone, but I was surprised with this note she left.
Jamie busy at work... check out those candy roses behind him from Kailey. He's such a good dad.

Wednesdays are our bowling night, and since the next day was Valentine's Day, one of our fellow bowlers, Laura, brought everyone fun dip. (Thank you, Laura!) It was so yummy! AND I think I ended up bowling pretty dang good that night, too!
Have I mentioned before how Jamie has been so good to me when it comes to photo-taking? He bought his girls some sweet gifts for Valentine's Day, so naturally I took a photo of him holding their gift bags. He's so cute! -- and seriously such a good dad!
He even treated my girls to a Valentine's Day T-R-E-A-T:

Sadie obviously loved it. :)

February 14th, 2013:

Valentine's Day!

Jamie was over in the morning so I gave him his card for V-Day. He left for work and I crawled back into bed to get a few more minutes of sleep. When I woke up, I found this in my kitchen -- a card and chocolate.
I was in a good mood, so I stopped by Panera to buy some bagels for my team at work. Everyone who ate them loved them! I even sent some over to my GO2 folks.

One of the guys at work told me the Admin Assistant was looking for me. She never needs to see me, but when she has asked me to stop by, it was usually because I received something in the mail. I had my suspicions..... and I was right! Jamie surprised me with some beautiful flowers at work. I am so special.

I know there are some women out there who aren't into getting flowers, but there's something about their bright colors and familiar scent that seriously light up my heart, especially when they're from the love of my life!

We went to Olive Garden for lunch -- which is always delicious.
  When it was time to go home from work, I asked him to help carry my flowers out to my car.
Since we were having such a good day, we decided to stop at Chili's for some margaritas. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of people there.

We had a great day together.

February 15th, 2013:

The next day was much less eventful, so my photo of the day is... Penny again! What can I say?

February 16th, 2013:

I cleaned my apartment up the night before and arranged a blanket under one of my end tables on a doggie bed for Sadie to sleep in. When I woke up in the morning, I found it completely moved out to the middle of the floor. I sent this photo to my mom and she said "it makes you wonder what the dogs do during the night when they don't leave evidence". True!
This was a very special day to me that I can't share about yet. Penny got to go on a car ride though with me and Jamie's girls. She was so worn out after a long day.
I don't remember what I texted my mom about this day, but I obviously felt the need to save this part of the conversation because this is also the truth.  
"If Kara is happy....everybody is happy." 
 I sent it to Jamie so he could agree as well. :)
I couldn't wait to crawl into bed, and obviously Penny couldn't wait either. She beat me to it.
February 17th, 2013:

UF Baseball! Spent the day at McKethan Stadium watching the Gators squeak out a win. Not their best season, but the games are still fun to be at. (Thanks, Charon, for the awesome seats!)


February 18th, 2013:

We used another coupon, this time for Ballyhoo. Everyone always talks about the Bananas Foster, so we got one for dessert. An earlier time that we went here to get a Bananas Foster, the server told us that they no longer made it at the table. When the server this time wheeled out the cart, we explained to her we thought they didn't do that anymore. She basically told us that the server that told us that must've been lazy because they've never stopped doing it, especially in the last 2+ years she had been working there. If only we knew then what we learned now....

It was pretty darn good! I still don't think I'd call it the "BEST DESSERT EVER", but it was enjoyable to watch the server make it at our table fresh.

February 19th, 2013:

Jamie wanted to use our "free bowling" cards to get some practice in before our normal Wednesday bowling league night the next day. They had a raspberry wheat Shock Top I decided to try. It was just okay...

We came back home and Penny passed out on Jamie's legs. She loves him more than me, I swear.

February 20th, 2013:

February 20th was apparently Purple Shirt Club Day! Several other people and I had on purple shirts. I got a photo with one of the guys, but his shirt looks more blue in the photo. :( He called it lavender. (Thanks, Jonathan!)
I keep my "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" 365-day calendar on my desk at work. This day's message was pretty darn good that I shared it on my facebook:

February 21st, 2013:

If you eat at Subway, you are given a receipt requesting their patrons to take a survey about their experience, just like most other business establishments. I decided to go ahead and fill it out since it said you'd be awarded something in your e-mail. They didn't lie -- I was promised one free cookie at my next visit. I decided on double-chocolate chip.

February 22nd, 2013:

For dinner, Jamie and I were invited to Yamato's to celebrate my friend's birthday (Cody). I don't think I have ever eaten here when there wasn't a special occasion.
Cody was late, so we hung out at the bar for a little while.
Eventually, our huge party sat down, spanning across 2 hibachi tables. It's always a good show even when it's predictable.

Jamie enjoying the show:

My friend, Öbec:
 Such great food! Had to bring a box home.

Birthday boy enjoying his food:
Cody and Chad:
Good times.