Sunday, March 3, 2013

Feb 23 - Mar 1

February 23rd, 2013:

After golf and a nap, it rained that night. Penny is afraid of thunderstorms, so she curled up with her favorite guy.

February 24th, 2013:

The next night, Jamie made us hamburgers. They tasted just as great as they smelled. Sadie and Penny wanted in on the action, but unfortunately Penny has terrible food allergies, so I am very strict with people food.

February 25th, 2013:

Photo of the day: Penny sitting up mostly by herself with a gentle grip on my hand for some additional balance. (Frasier on in the background)

February 26th, 2013:

Beautiful day outside again. When I got home from work, I took the dogs outside and let them do their business.

Penny, looking for squirrels:

My mom and dad were able to drive half-way to Gainesville to meet me to swap vehicles back
since mine was all fixed up. I had also ordered a new antenna for my car which came in the mail while they had my car, so I switched it out finally. The old one was cracked and nasty on the bottom.

My parents after Steak-n-Shake:

February 27th, 2013:

Another GORGEOUS day out... I couldn't help but take photos on the way to work:

I posted one of these on facebook, and my friend Lee commented that he would be flying over work at 5 pm that day. I adore his passion for wanting to fly, especially since my grandpa was a pilot. His husband Matt texted me to let me know when they were flying over my apartment, and eventually flying over work. I rushed outside just in time to see them fly over. Very neat.
Random photo for the day on my way home from work, "All Eyes On Me - Givin Em A Reason 2 Hate"

February 28th, 2013:

Photo of the day: Stopped at RedBox to get a movie. I picked "The Flight" since I recently saw good reviews for it on facebook. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it yet.... Hopefully will get around to it tonight.

March 1st, 2013:

I decided to take a vacation day for this day. I didn't have any plans laid out, just wanted a break from work since things are about to get more hectic than they have been for awhile. Unfortunately for me, my work ethics force me to check my work e-mail even on my day off to make sure all business is handled accordingly.

Overall, it was a nice relaxing day at home. I was able to eat lunch with Jamie at Chipotle, then stopped by the mall to return a couple pairs of shoes, and on a whim decided to buy a new Yankee Candle. I settled on the fragrant "Denim" which smells like clean laundry. At first I chose "fluffy towels", but the sales woman told me that scent wasn't as strong as I was looking for. The "denim" she recommended is part of their crackling edition. I wasn't so sure about it, but there is hardly a "crackle" effect at all, in my opinion... and the scent doesn't really fill the room like I've had other candles do before.

I sent some photos to Walgreens on-line to have printed out as well. I used to be really good about printing photos in a timely manner and displaying them proudly around my livingspace, but I've been slacking lately. I bought a couple of magnet photo holders and have some good ones on my fridge now. Hopefully I can get around to printing out everything from my Iphone soon.

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